Sarah Wilson Photography

About Sarah Wilson Photography

Are you looking for a photographer in Sydney to do architectural photography, product photography, commercial photography, portraiture and film stills? Get in touch with Sarah Wilson Photography to book a time.


Sarah Wilson is an artistic, portrait, event and commercial photographer, specialising in people and corporate photography with a colourful and energetic style to her imagery that often focuses on the beautiful and overlooked elements of the everyday.

She is passionate about architectural photography and has exhibited numerous works based around her suburban subjects. And dogs. She loves dogs.

Based in the creative hub of Marrickville, Sarah graduated the Billy Blue CATC design school photographic course in 2017 and continues to hone her craft. She is always happy to chat and explore what she can do for you and your business, and believes in working hard to achieve those goals.

For enquiries, fill in the form below, and Sarah will get back to you. She looks forward to hearing from you! And meeting your dog. Please have a dog.

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